trippin' having fun yet out there?

-- frank

Really enjoyed your page! Joe and I grew up together in Crown Point surroundings and formed the basis of the twisted lives that followed. Just heard from him on his impending marriage. At any rate, just wanted o send a pat on the back for the fine work and say thanks for the fine photo-viewing.

-- Matt Patterson (

Enjoyed your site!!! The Chicago Solider Field Parking lot shot is GREAT!!!!! Chicago was a regular site for a number of old friends to converge. Your photo brought the memories flooding back. Thanks!


I'm sitting here listening to "Dead To The World" on K-PFA Berkeley and just found out about this site. Wow, what a grate(ful) idea. It sure brings me back. Thanks for the... ---> GRATE(ful)SITE <---.

-- Richard / Sonoma County,Ca.

susie sure is cute!!

-- Danno (

What an awesome shot! I was at those shows on the 19th and 20th and I think they were the best I had ever seen. Scarlet/Fire was incredible that night.

Your shots are incredible - they really bring me back to some of the best times I've ever had.

-- Rob Evans (

[Thanks, Rob, but everybody remember to tell us which shot yr talking about when you say "that shot really does this or that"! Else we won't know what shot to link up to your comment.]

hey now, thanks for the journey inward. i wish the life i am able to look in to through your site transends in to my everyday thought, and guides me through my day. My life is in fact rich as i look in to my, and your, past, seeing we all do share a vision that is like no other. for without a past, there can be no future. i am filled with joy as i look in to your crystal ball, thank you for sharing it with us all.

-- xoxoxoxo john bud (

Greetings! I am newly in recovery and would like some help in getting through my first "straight" show. (Other Ones 06/29/98) Would like some info on people, places, and things in my area. Call me at 718-827-6985 (day) or 908-754-1440 (night)


Charlie (

Ma & Pa w/ Grandma at Chicago/s-fld "I like to see a family together doing something worthwhile together."

-- Henry Seuffert {Trew-DNC} (

hey i think i recognize you guys...

-- the legendary rob (

The picture, Series A #15 "Vending after the show at Deer Creek", is a great picture. I just wanted to say that it reminds me of "an angel, standing in a shaft of light, risin' up to paradise..." It has quite an eerie feel to it, maybe like the mother ship just landed behind this person. I think that the black and white photography works so well here because at some level it is like the music of the Dead. You are givin the framework, and viewer is left to fill in the rest. Just like the vague lyrics of the Dead, "sometimes the songs that we hear are just songs of our own." Your photography lets me fill in my own swirling colors and allows the pictures to be "mine", in the sense that what I make of it will unique to myself. There is a universal effect of your pictures, though, and that is the thousands of smiles you leave in your wake. Let it shine... and keep it on!

-- Rusty Anderson

We are everywhere! And the WWW is no exception. The memories, the smiles, the years & tears. Our community continues to grow everywhere we go. Great site. Greater commentary. I have started my kind homepage @, only to find yours! Sweeet. Keep up the good work!

-- Daryl (

I saw exactly 100 Grateful Dead Concerts from 1968 to 1995

Show 1: 1968 (Eugene, OR..StudentUnion)
Show 2: 1970 (Corvallis, OR...Slats Gill F.H.)---Bus Show
LastShow: 1995 (Portland,OR...Portland Meadows)
Never less than a "merely professional effort" from the boys at the last 99.

The internet provides many an opportunity to provide pictures and stories from their own experiences as fans of the Grateful Dead.

Of the many sites I have visited while surfing the internet and looking at what others have to show and tell, I have come across many that are very ordinary. Yours however is quite good. While I sit writing this letter, DeadRadio is playing and I'm looking at your timeless photos and reminiscing fondly about the music of and times of our lives.

Well Done.

Jeff Ross (

David Rae,

As always, bravo on the pix! The images in set F are among my favorite to date. I especially dig the "Sax player and shirt vendor." It has an eerie Chuck Close feel to it. Additionally, the photo of the "Deadhead and rabbit" is nice. Both of the subjects have the piercing gaze of the true "Head". Keep the photos coming.

-- Stevie
Steve Trockman (

I'm sitting with tears of happiness and sorrow running down my cheeks. I never got the opertunity to see them in concert, and have been kicking my self in the rear for a long time. It's beautiful sites like your's that let people like me experience it. Thanks for sharing. Love, Peace,
Jordan (

RE: Dave and Elizabeth crashed on the floor of Joe's apartment, 10 July 1995, Chicago, IL

hey! i have those pillowcases!

daveman (

About the Marriage picture, The show that day was great I have it on Tape. It sucks though how people had to ruin something.

Griff barber (

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