"Great site. I like the layout, attractive but minimalist and moody without a lot of geekgraphics to detract from the subject at hand. Kudos to the photographer: He shoots like an invisible man, a deadhead's Cartier-Bresson."

-- Bill Kile (bkile@cdc.net)

"I was there too."

-- Doug Tucker (skituck@rof.net)

This is a lovely site--although it does take a long time to load. I've never been a Deadhead, never even been to a concert, not even sure I would know a Dead Song if I heard it, but these photos do make me feel that I missed something I would have liked a lot. Maybe it counts that I met my partner at a Bob Dylan concert. Maybe I have potential."

-- A Southern Woman (bewell@beta.loyno.edu)

"great pics. thx 4 postin em"

-- joe (joroc@azstarnet.com)

"Cool site. I think it would work better if the pictures were all linked from a common page. The site is slow, and it is difficult to navigate through the current setup. The pic from the parking lot at Soldiers Field is very impressive with the city skyli ne as a backdrop. I would be intrested to see the images of the 'ugly' side of the scene that you talk about in the intro. I always seemed to not be at the shows where there were big problems, but I would be intrested in the images of those events."
< br> --Tony Masiello ( heartbt@erols.com)

"Howdy, great pictures. I've sort of done something like that myself. If you would like, you could check it out at my site: http://www.dorsia.org/~reech. From there, you can follow the instructions to get to the "Parking Lot Photos page." Take care and looking forward to seeing series B"

-- Reech Zweiback (reech@dorsia.org)

"David, You have me in tears as I sit here on the net going down a bit of my own memory lane while the "Might" Quinn is napping in the next room! I love the pics, especially of you two at the Greek. I will pass this site address on to others, especially to Jill in London, who needs a bit of home right now...All our love to you and thanks! ... Thank you for this beautiful picture of Danny!! I think I told you that he passed on this Feb. after a car accident. I am going to pass your site info on to Lynn Hines, his ex-girlfriend, because she wi ll certainly love this memory!! ... I love this site and I'll pass it on. It makes me want to get on the road, that's for sure! Love and Peace,"

-- Martha Anderson (ander594@tc.umn.edu)

"Ya'll might want to check out web page with some photos from Dead tours in the early eighties. I sure miss Jerry... Anyway, it's at http://www.welcomehome.org/rob/deadtour/deadtour.html . Enjoy!"

--Rob (rob@welcomehome.org)

"Hey, Finally found it. Very cool even for a non-hed like myself. My wife (Sue) understood the intricacies more than me ie.. playlists. So, what will I want for the cigars? How about one of you prints B/W signed. You choose. Again, looks really nice."

-- Joe Cavaretta (74067.2225@compuserve.com)

"Thanks for the great site! Your picture selection is wonderful. I agree that it might be nice to have another way to navigate through the pics, though. The first time through it's great to follow your path, but I wanted to return to the picture of Bill from Chicago, and had to go through the whole thing again. [NOTE: We're taking care of that!] (BTW Dave thinks he knows/knew that guy, and he nearly split a gut to learn he's now selling used cars!)

Are you eventually going to post that awesome pic that you allude to when you say that you captured an image that you'd been after for many years? [NOTE: This shot will be part of Series B.] Does it have something to do with the double encore at Soldier Field? I sure wish there were more dead shows so you could get a pic of Jake at a show!!!!

Gotta love a man in a skirt!"

-- Colette/Morning Glory (lnrplxus@ripco.com)

"Dave, first a big, warm hello to both you and Suzanne!!! I think this site you have put together is truly magnificent! I got word of this space from Martha. I thank her dearly. I am responding not only to say "hi" since it has been some time since I saw you both last, but to also thank you for the wonderful picture of Big John and Danny. It really warmed my heart to see Dan with such a big smile on his face and so much love in his eyes. I don't know if you are aware or not so I have to let you know that you have immortalized Dan on the web. He was killed in a car accident back in February he passed from this world on Valentine's Day. Who would ever have thought that he would be the first one to party with Jerry?! It has been very difficult to lose such a dear friend so early in life. It's a blessing to know that he lives on in the hearts and minds of all the wonderful people he touched along the way. I miss him so much and it's hard to imagine what can ever fill the hole left in my heart that he once filled. I remember so many wonderful times we all spent together at the cabooze and various Rads shows. They are all I have to hold on to now. You have no idea how happy it made me to see this picture. John is not in the best of health himself. This picture will one day be all we have of both of them. I am wondering if this is a color picture and if so would it be possible for you to send me a copy of it for my personal photo album. It would mean the world to me. I also have some fantastic pictures from tour I would be willing to share with you if you are interested. I wish I'd had known that you are in N.O. I would have loved to see you during Mardi Gras when I was there. I have some really fabulous friends that live there. It would be great if you could meet them. Who knows you may already know them. Us fishheads seem to swim around in the same schools. Well my friend, I wish you both great success in whatever you do. Please stay in touch. Thanks again for sharing two phenomenal, beautiful people with the world. Much peace and light!"

With love,
Lynn Hines (BDocherty@aol.com)

"Could that bulbous silhouette in the smack-dab center of photo no1-3-2.html, 12/30/90, be anyone but JG? I still miss them so much, and seeing Philzone@Fillmore Saturday and now your site makes it bearable. Thanks!

(and thanks for the pics in trade, DRM. tapes soon.)"

-- cvf (devilx2@sprintmail.com)

"We were there, and the next night, too. I feel very privileged to have witnessed this continuing phenomenon. Lucked into a show on VH1 last Saturday about the making of "American Beauty", which made me realize how very much I miss all of this."

-- Jude Wood (vwood@tech.purdue.edu)

"You've got really great composition on a lot of those shots. I really enjoyed the Soldier's Field parking lot. It was beautiful."

-- Mel Pattacini (mpattaci@mail.trincoll.edu)

Tremendous presentation! I enjoyed the more human aspect of your collection, rather than just pix of the FatMan.

I had been touring with the Dead from '78 and have amassed 100s of photos, but have yet to unpack them after my recent move. Your collection is excellent. I may want to add to it in the future.

Peace, and Further...

-- tobacco bob (bob.helfner@PrescientTech.com)


-- JOHN BUD (nebadon@pacbell.net)

About "Wild Billie, Willie" Williams... I regret to inform you that he's now in the Summerlands with Jerry.

My friend Lindsay is visiting and while showing her your site she told me.

Just thought I'd let ya know.

-- Colette (lnrplxus@ripco.com)

Bless ya for sharing these beautiful pics & bringing back so many wonderful memories for me. I just had to comment on the last pic, last show, last tour of the beautiful people resting after (I'm sure) an energetic night of love dance- we all had a last show. Never knew it until after the fact. My last show was in Charlotte, NC. Jerry sang one of my favorite songs, I had never heard at a show before - High Times- I felt so alive -- like Jerry was singing directly to me. It was not long after that Jerry left us. I love that memory of my last show. Thanks again. May the four winds always blow you safely home!

Love & Peace!

-- Dkaew (Dkaew@aol.com)

"Alpine '88 VW bus: My first show. Memories. Was also at the last show 7/9/95 and love the Black Muddy River photo. Are these available?"

--Scott Craig (casllc@worldstar.com)

"great stuff, thanks for sharing......."

-- Douger

"I cant tell you how much I regret trading my Chicago 95 tickets to see the band in St. Louis (although I did get to hear Stella Blue and Freedom for the first time live). I thought for sure I could score my miracle in Chi-town (what an idiot) needless to say I only got to hear the first 3 songs before the cops made us get away from the stadium. Man, the picture "Jerry's Last Song" gave me chills and made me feel for just a second like I made it into the show. Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You."

-- Jay (JsBest@austintx.net)

"Great project here. Takes me back to the days more than anything I've seen yet. This shot suggests to me that the fans are the band are the fans. I look forward to more installments in this really rather intimate series. Congrats!"

-- Rich McManus (rm26q@nih.gov)

"Hey Now! Love all of the pictures. I had to comment on the New Years 1988 pictures, ecpecially the scoring the ticket in the parking lot. That was my only New Years show, and actually my only west coast show. I also scored tickets to that show in the parking lot for about the same price. We had received tickets for 12/28 and 29 from mail order and were dertemined to get in to New Years somehow. The absolute joy I felt with that ticket in my hand matched the look on his face in the picture. Thanks for taking me back!"

-- Pete Seavor (pseavor@sjcme.edu)

Cool, simplistic photograph that speaks volumes... [but, dude! which one?? ;) -- if you're commenting on a specific image, say which one... -- ck]

-- Bill Feig

Hey Now!

Love all of the pictures. I had to comment on the New Years 1988 pictures, ecpecially the scoring the ticket in the parking lot. That was my only New Years show, and actually my only west coast show. I also scored tickets to that show in the parking lot for about the same price. We had received tickets for 12/28 and 29 from mail order and were dertemined to get in to New Years somehow. The absolute joy I felt with that ticket in my hand matched the look on his face in the picture. Thanks for taking me back!

-- Pete Seavor (pseavor@sjcme.edu)

Baby, love, pal. I wanted to see the hippie girl with the puppy. Here I am locked in my cubicle hell, haven't even had coffee yet, two days back from Minneapolis where people don't laugh at what I wear (well, not on a daily basis, any way), and I wanted to see the hippy girl with the puppy. It's rainy and the subways stank and I called up DR Morris for comfort and the promise of alternative life that his photos provide. I click on Hippy girl with puppy. Yeah, that'll make me happy, I think, hippy girl. Puppy. But there's no picture. I feel stupider than ever. I can't get to David's picture. why can't I see the hippy girl with puppy? Two of the best things in the world are hippy girls and puppies. The hippier the better. The puppier the better. None of the girls here in the office even have hips. :( Tell me what I'm doing wrong. I saw Steve Macek in a suit this weekend. His daughter was mauling strawberries. Daughter? Suit? Suit?! And I'm working in a cube? You can see why I was so needy of hippy girl with puppy.

-- Carol (CMatPPNYC@aol.com)

Finally, my puter kicked in with the required RAM or whatever it took and I got to see the hippy chick with puppy. Little puppy! And that mysterious hand reaching in the frame -- if this were interactive, that could be my hand and I could be reaching for the fuzzy puppy. Or, hey, the hippy gal, who looks equally loveable. Ah. There's relief for my beleaguered cubicled soul. The rows of flourescent tubes above may gleer down oppressively, but your hippy puppy chick girl dream keeps alternative visions alive. Thanks, DR. xxoo mace

-- carol m (cmatppnyc@aol.com)

I love your site and would like to know if Copyrights would preclude me from putting a few of them on my own page. I'm trying to set up something that would honor Jerry's memory through stories and pictures, but haven't been able to get people to allow me access to many pix. Any reply would be nice...Definitely putting a link to your site on the page either way...

-- Dan Devenney (Coffeecigarettes@hotmail.com)

The date was 7/9/95 the morning of. Our friend was living in Chicago at the time.We were walking back from the 7-11 on Halsted street. We had to enter her aptment from the rear entrance, so we had to walk through a french restaurant called "Ou-La-La".As we walked through I turned and saw JERRY sitting with friends eatting breakfast. We didn't want to interupt their breakfast so we split upstairs for a minute or two, by the time we got back he was gone. I asked the waiter what JERRY had for breakfast ....French toast and French fries. To this day i wish we had just waited to shake his hand.:(


This is my first visit to the site. I'm a 40 something year old woman and the pictures brought back a lot of memories of music and good times. The pictures are beautiful. Thanks for the site.

--Roseanne Mueller (bermule@mvp.net)

Dave, from someone who always forgot to bring a camera on tour, i really appreciate the work you've done. I like the environmental scenes the most, its kind of like a childhood memory we all share. Keep doing your thing....

-- Sanjay Verma, NYC (sanjay@pipeline.com)

i live in indiana...my birthday is on june 29 but i wasn't at that show because i would have only been 11 years old.

-- amy

David, I am seated at the table in this picture. I am the one with the cig burning. We have met on various ocassions. Bill told me about the sight and had to see this photo.Also seen is Carl Mack, enjoying the feast. The sight is real fab! Cant wait to see more.Take care.

--Scott Walker (staxman66@worldnet.att.net)

Soldier Field, July 8,1995 Great show. Rest in peace, Jerry.

-- Michael Butz (MRButz@uic.edu)



"Jerry's last show" we all miss you, and wish you well up there. Shine your lovelight down on us friend. We'll meet there one day and we will play together "till the morning comes". Peace out, Freak out.

-- minglewood

I feel an emptiness as I am sure we all do... some days are worse than others though. This is my first time at this particular web site, and I am enjoying the chance to vent my feelings. I miss all my fellow brother and sister dead heads very much now days! I wish there was something going on that could pull us together from all parts of the country, or world, like the shows used to do. Alpine Valley reminds me of this in particular, even though the boys had not played a show there since 1989. My first shows were Alpine 1985... I fell in love with the people and the sceene at first, and only later realized what was central to this social phenomena we called Dead Shows... the music. The tapes are out there and so are the Heads, yet it is getting harder to locate both. I kind of am wishing for a huge reunion of sorts that would pull heads from everywhere to the site to enjoy. Further is good for a show in the sumer, yet maybe there could be an Alpine Valley reunion or a New Years Eve reunion

-- pdecori

(the have your tickets out...) Hey!, is that me in that photo? Could be...

Another fond recollection is after one of the first Greek Theatre shows in Berkeley, the bluecoat trying to get people to leave proclaiming, "Campout over wit' down heah' " (camp out over with down here...)

Peace, john

-- [John H. Marshall, M.D. (Bsympatico@aol.com)]

wow, that picture of Rick made me smile big, too! GREAT PIC!!

-- Anne P. (DarkSta528@aol.com)

whats up with those Yankee fans in the front row there?

you should make it so the text wraps at the end of the line, its very annoying to have your text continually disapearing to the left! [Sorry... it's the tables! -- ck]

say your piece? if its a joke -- I don't get it! spell it right fewl! [for 100 dollars, the correct phrase is "say your piece." -- ck]

--peace (brandx@300baud.com)

6/18/93--my 30th birthday. glad you all could make it. I mail ordered and got 5th row center tickets. The next night we were waaaaay in the back, but who cared?

-- rick nygren (renygren@efawest.navfac.navy.mil)

idiot. imagine paying that much for a dead ticket...

-- anonymous

Re: Rich from New York scoring his NYE ticket--

When someone buys a scalper's ticket, there's greed working two ways, but stupidity only one.

-- fritz frim chicago (fbe000@dns.colum.edu)

I love it. There is so much more to the Dead Experience than posters or album covers or even stage shots. Thanks for putting some "memories" online.

-- Brian Morris (morris4@hubcap.clemson.edu)

i like the boys hugging, they're very cute. i was in the parking lot before the last dead show in chicago, i live in the neighborhood there. i would go just to see the long-haired boys.

check out my web page, i'm a photographer, too.


see ya! -- jason (jsmith@wwa.com)

The concert at Deer Creek with the 'riot' was my first concert ever. I was 13 and I think that what all of those gate crashers were GRATE!! If they didn't do what they did then they would probably be in depression for the rest of their life, I know I would be.

-- Amber (Nickkluver@aol.com)

Could the shot at the July 9 Soldier Field possibly be from the 8th? The reason I ask is because it looks like sitting right behind the other Dave.

-- Dave Hupperinch

kind site. i still have a lump in my throat. thank you.

-- Tumbleweed

comments: I am truly Captivated by your Smokin Joe retrospect. It gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling. bc over.

-- Bud Carson (Bud@captivated.com)

I already sent you a personal email (thanks again) tonight, but seeing this shot reminded me of driving with you from the campground in Indiana to Indianapolis to rent a lens so powerful we were occupied for half the afternoon lookin at people across the campground with it.. You had a press pass for the first three songs and I have a great shot of Phil on my wall. You truly are the keeper of memories. Thank you.

someone who was there too (dherzog@bitstream.net)

i won't be eating ,i've had a shake for beakfast,a shake for lunch,and a sensible dinner. more margaritas pleeze. awsome series, keep it up my friend.

-- john bud (nebadon@pacbell.net)

Picture # 1===My oh my sucxh a LARGE pole you've got.....too bad it's stickin' out'cha head (hehehehe) love the pictures....keep 'em coming :o)

--Feellikea (stranger@cnsvax.albany.edu)

Jerry's last Black Muddy River. At RFK on 6-25-95, during Black Muddy River, I burst into tears and said,"Jerry's saying goodbye!" But as we went through the show, I decided it couldn't be possible. In light of subsequent events, I believe that my vibes from Jerry were correct.

-- sarah (smagnolia) (sarah@labyrinth.net)

I had been touring for around ten years when this [Deer Creek?] had happened and it saddened me greatly. In the first few years we would take two tothree weeks every summer, and sell our wares on tour. We barely made enough to eat but it always seemed like when you were short, someone came along with trade. In the late eighties and maybe even toward ninety-one and two everything on tour changed. I took my current wife on our first major outing to Soldier Field in 91 and she was hooked. We always made sure to hit one or two cities in spring and summer and in good years a show in the fall. We decided to skip Indy this year since things were tight and we had good seats two days later in St. Louis. The first night in St. Louis the lights stayed up cuz of rumored death threats to Jerry. For me it was the beginning of the end. nuf said.

-- Jeff Schaefer (jcschaef@worldnet.att.net)

comments: it should say,say your PEACE! anyway, hey that's me! you never cease to amaze me with your hidden pictures, I hope I don't get in Bill Clinton Sized Problems because you could probably back them up (I.G. I did inhale)

-- wild bill (warmotco@wctc.net)


-- Joe

I Want To Buy Shots Of Tapers. I Used To Love Being At Shows And Turning Around To See A Total Horizon Of Tapers Mics. Can You Get Me A Shot From Your Archives Worthy of My Wall Of Fame?

-- Chris Dewey (dewdewey@msn.com)

I love the picture of soilder field(parking lot) in 1995 on july 8th that was my first and only show i ever made it to so that picture brings back so many memories

-- spencer huard (SR-Huard@wiu.edu)

the series of photos of Joe were wonderful, i really enjoyed seeing pictures of Joe doing what he loved doing, and gives me a chance to see what i missed in his life while i was in the Marines and living in Maui. Joe is very special to me as i know he is to you. David please say hi to Suzanna for me, i spent a beautiful week with her and Joe in Chicago. She opened my eyes to many different things, and i think i drove her crazy in the process. Well i'll probably see you in June at the wedding, i'll be there. take care and once again thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures, i truly appreciate it.

-- Les Riggle, Joe's friend from Hawaii... Joe has been my best friend for 15 years (Freedomles@aol.com)

I love it!

-- Ashley Strong (astrong@capecod.net)

The picture of the man in the marsh being busted by the NJ cops for peeing. It wasn't so much the picture as the place - Giant Stadium 1992. That was the last Dead show I saw. The next few times the Dead came to NY or NJ I'd say "oh I'll hit the next show." Well, years add up, circumstances keep you away. Your're bumming when your friends come home and tell you what a GREAT show you missed. (It's always the best show ever!) Anyway....Time flies and Jerry dies....I missed the last show....I've seen very many. I truly enjoyed your "deadheads on tour" Brought back so many good memories....Have your ever consider writing a book about your experiences on tour? Well thanks for the memories.... p.s what ever happened to your friends---the two that were sleeping on the floor? If you don't mind my asking.

Take Care,
Patti (ppel@portjeff.net)
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