Pop+@rt Productions is a selective Web design/development and popular culture consulting firm currently based in New Orleans, Louisiana. When a rad idea/vision needs to be webified or when the marketing analysts fail utterly, remember: Pop+@rt Productions can help.

Its embodiment, Crystal Kile, uses her powers for good (and pays rent) by working as education coordinator at Newcomb College Center for Research on Women. She holds a BA in history from Emory University and an MA in Popular Culture from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Co-author of _SurferGrrrls: Look, Ethel! An Internet Guide for Us_ (Seal Press, 1996), she is recently in receipt of a polite letter from the American Culture Studies program at Bowling Green reminding her that her dissertation must be completed before 31 December 1999.

Crystal dedicates her participation in "Bound to Cover Just A Little More Ground" -- the best collection of "music scene" (for want of a better phrase) photography she's ever, ever seen (and she's seen lots!) -- to the many kind Deadheads she's known over the years, especially Dan Isenstein, Boombloom, Macy, two chicks named Margie, Dean and, of course, Susanne and David.

Subculturally speaking, she's too punk-identified to be considered a Deadhead in any profound sense of the word, but saw her first Dead show in Atlanta sometime in early April 1988.

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