President Obama speaking at Xavier University in New Orleans on the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The anniverary was liberating. I'm officially done. Katrina and I are divorced. I dreaded going. Not because I don't still love Louisiana, but because I really have nothing else to say about Katrina. It was hard not to get caught up in the media frenzy. Been there, done that. In lieu of presenting specific images from the anniversary, other than the above of the president, I present 20 of my images made over the last five years as an extended picture of the week. To me, they define my Katrina experience. It was not easy choosing only 20. It may not be the best or most concise selection. Indeed, I could have used 20 different images ten times over. Or I could have easily used 500 or 1,000. You've seen many of these before, but not necessarily in this order. I present them without words. They stand on their own. Peace.

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