Project Update: 2014

My, my. How time flies.

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the forming of the Grateful Dead in 1965, I am struck at how relevant they still are, both musically, cultutally, and politically. The farther removed we are from our experiences touring with the band, the more special these photographs become. When I think about what our lives would have been like without the Grateful Dead experience, I can only imagine a mean and bitter world without joy, laughter, or kindness.

Over the years I have maintained a variety of different galleries of photographs honoring specific venues, people, and shows from my years on tour with the Grateful Dead. I have now replaced these older galleries with a single "permanent collection" of twenty of the best photographs. In the coming months, I am planning some special postings to commemorate the 50th anniversary that will hopefully move and delight all. In the meantime, I continue to receive supportive emails from all over the world from kind strangers who have visited these galleries and left smiling. Or perhaps crying. They were there, too, and they all understood.

Keep coming back, tell your friends, and don't forget to light a candle for Jerry, and all of our brothers and sisters who have left us in the intevening years. Let's all move forward together, but without losing sight of the past.

Continued peace in the struggle,

David Rae Morris

1. Looking for a ticket
2. The parking lot
3. Taper
4. Richie the B
5. Gate crasher
6. Susie at the Greek
7. Big John and Elizabeth
8. Truck crash
9. Joe waking
10. Oakland reflection
11. Bill walking
12. Belly dancer
13. Dancers
14. Post show hug
15. Jersey cops
16. Beautiful people
17. Silhouette
18. Vegas showers
19. Fireworks
20. Dave and Elizabeth

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