As many of you know, I have segued into filmmaking. As a still photographer, I was always interested in film, but never had the opportunity. When then Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour told the Weekly Standard that the integration of the public schools in his hometown of Yazoo City had gone smoothly becuase the Citizen's Council had kept out the Klan, I was intrigued. My father had also grown up in Yazoo City and written extensively about race relations and the integration of the schools in 1970. I thought revisiting the integration of the schools would make a great still photography project. However when Barbour decided not to run for president in 2012, I realized it would work better as a film. I've been working on the Yazoo project for almost two years now, and have having a great time. I have two other films under my belt, and another in the planning stages. Check them out!



Documentary films

Drawing on a Dream

Integrating Ole Miss

Yazoo Revisited

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