Jennifer and Polly had been partners for about four years when they decided to have a ceremony of commitment. It was a momentous event, held over a three day period during the Fourth of July weekend, and people came from all over the country to witness and participate. In their invitation Polly and Jennifer wrote to friends:

"This July we will be celebrating our commitment to each other . We want not just to share this with loved ones like you, but to acknowledge in the ceremony how all your love has made our love for each other possible: we have learned how to be finer people, more loving people, from knowing, loving, and being loved by each of you. So while we celebrate our commitment to one another, we also want to offer our gratitude to all you whose generous hearts buoy us.
We call this a commitment ceremony-- and not a wedding-- for a few significant reasons, worth clarifying. So long as we are expressly prohibited from enjoying the benefits of the legally recognized institution of marriage, the word is not for us. But further, we each believe that the state ought neither to sanction nor to penalize any kind of love, or any kind of family unit. Therefore, we will be celebrating under the sky, witnessed by nothing more than the one community that has or will have any moral authority over us: our loved ones, families, kindred spirits."

Polly and Jennifer.....Laughing at the beach.....Laugh with friends.....Nervous Polly.....Dressing Jennifer.....Polly and Anne.....Polly promises.....Jennifer promises.....Leaving for the ceremony.....Anne reading.....Family skit.....Promises Polly.....Tunnel of Love.....Into the woods.....Toast

All photographs David Rae Morris. All rights reserved.

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