Dr. Jane Ellen McAllister Mowing The Lawn at Age 90

A signed, numbered edition of 5 prints of this diptych of Dr. McAllister, the first African American woman to receive a Ph.D. from Columbis Univeristy's Teachers College in 1929.

Willie and Pete driving in rural Mississippi

And while we're talking diptychs: check out this signed and numbered edition of 5 of separate prints of Willie and his beloved dog, Pete.

The Music Series Part 1: Rock and Roll/The 70's

Signed and numbered edition of ten prints each of some of the great musicians of the 1960s and 1970s. Open editions are now also availble in 13" x 19" prints. Coming next year: The Music Series Part II: Blues/The 80's.

Willie and Eudora

Only eight prints left in this very popular edition of 100 signed and numbered prints. Get them while you can!

Celebrating Dr. Hales as Rex

Signed and numbered edition of 5 commemorating Dr. Stephen Hales as Rex, the King of Carnival in 2017.

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